Blitzortung is a lightning detection network for the location of electromagnetic discharges in the atmosphere (lightning discharges) based on the time of arrival (TOA) and time of group arrival (TOGA) method. It consists of several lightning receivers and one central processing server. WB9KMW is a participating station.

Useful performance statistics for North America can be found at LightningMaps. I monitor my VLF lightning detection & reporting system through a local Controller screen from my QTH.

Hazardous  Weather  Outlook

Midwest  Radar  &  Rain  Outlook

Tornado  &  Hail  Probabilities

Snow  Forecast  &  Wind  Chill

Green  Bay  NWS  eSpotter  Reporting

Submit a Storm Report

How to report:

  • Who you are
  • What you observed
  • Where event occurred (exact location & county)
  • When event occurred
  • Damage that you witnessed
What to report:

  • Tornado, funnel clouds & wall clouds
  • Hail
  • Winds > 55 mph
  • Violent lightning
  • Damage, eg, trees or property
  • Flooding
  • Snowfall > 2" & severe drifting
  • Ice accumulation

Acu-Rite  Weather  Station

Acu-Link Dashboard

An Acu-Rite weather station is mounted on my house roof. It continuosly transmits weather data to a diplay unit in my ham shack. In addition, a receiver is connected to the Internet and data is ported to my Acu-Rite web site, and from there it is relayed to the WunderMap displayed above.