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Planetary Kp Index

2  Meter  Propagation

NGØE's VHF Propagation Map displays current VHF band openings during the past hour. It uses data gathered by APRS-IS. The map is created using lat/long info, and hops from node to node that data travels. By correlating hops with the position at each end of the hop, distances can be inferred.

Type WA9TT-10 in the search box (lower left hand corner) to see my iGate coverage during the past hour. Adjust zoom, as necessary, to more clearly see the black coverage perimeter.

NGØE 2 Meter Propagation

Hepburn Map

Space  Weather

Space Weather Woman

Space Weather Prediction Center

10.7cm Solar Flux (F10.7)

Space Weather Indicies

IG Index--Effective Sunspot Number (SSNe)

Running 13-month Mean Sunspot Number (Smoothed RI)

Current Solar X-Ray Flux

PSK  Reporter

PSK Reporter makes use of existing signals that are being transmitted by people calling CQ. This approach is different from some other propagation reporting tools. It has the advantage that with more monitoring stations there is better coverage without consuming any bandwidth.

HAP  Charts

A HAP Chart (Hourly Area Prediction) specifies the Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF) for HF communications between the base specified and any location on the map. The colors represent the MUF for communications between that location on the map and the base selected.

Thus, if communications are required to or from Minneapolis, a HAP chart for Minneapolis should be used. The other end of the circuit is then found on the HAP chart and the color at that location gives the MUF for that circuit.

Hourly HAP Charts are HAP Charts based on current ionospheric conditions observed with ionosondes in the region of interest. An Hourly HAP Chart is only valid for the current hour due to the highly variable nature of the ionosphere.

It is also helpful to view HAP Chart propagation from the perspective of distant locations. In this manner you can determine if they are able to reach the Midwest with a usable MUF. Here are charts for:

  • London, England
  • Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Adelaide, Australia
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

HF  &  Propagation

Understanding Solar Flux, A and K indexes is very important for serious HF operation. With pre-knowledge of the conditions, one can determine if a band will be open, and whether DX contacts may be successful.